General House

Erected first in 1979 at Rickenbach (Swiss canton of Solothurn), the General House has settled in Menzingen (Swiss canton of Zug) since 1993.

It is the residence of the Superior General, his two Assistants, the Secretary General and Bursar. It groups together the secretariat and the treasury so as to unite and facilitate exchanges and the management of the goods belonging to the Society.

Every religious order, congregation, and society of common life in the Church is governed by an elected superior general. Assisted by a General Council, he guides the members and the apostolic works of the institute, according to the norms and spirit of the Constitutions.

The Superior General

The Constitutions or Statutes of the Society of St. Pius X, the founding document written by Archbishop Lefebvre and approved on November 1, 1970 by Bishop Francois Charriere, of Lausanne, Geneva, and Fribourg, determine that the Superior General is elected by the General Chapter for a term of office of 12 years, and that he may be re-elected. A two-thirds majority of votes is required. To be eligible, he must be a priest having made his perpetual engagement in the Society, and be at least 30 years old.

His function

The Statutes of the Society define succinctly the function of the Superior General as the one who “governs and administers the Society.”

To this effect, he resides at the General House in Menzingen, Switzerland, where he oversees the day-to-day apostolic and administrative activities of the Society, holding meetings with his Council, receiving visits of priests and faithful, and attending to his abundant correspondence.

The Superior General maintains a close contact with the different superiors responsible for the work of the Society worldwide. He visits regularly all the seminaries and priories of the Society, meeting in person with every member and becoming acquainted directly with the development and needs of the different apostolates.

His international trips allow him to preach every year spiritual retreats to priests, seminarians, and religious, and also to encourage the work of Tradition by giving conferences to the faithful. These journeys offer him as well the opportunity to visit friendly religious communities and local priests who are interested in the Society.

Superior general

Father Davide Pagliarani

The General Assistants 

The General Council of the Society of St. Pius X is composed by the Superior General and his two Assistants.

The Assistants are elected by the members of the General Chapter for a term of office of 12 years. They must be priests, permanently engaged in the Society, and be at least 30 years old. They are elected by an absolute majority of votes.

Their function

In their capacity of official advisers of the Superior General, they share with him and under his authority the government of the Society worldwide.

The First Assistant acts as well as Vicar General, replacing the Superior General if he is incapable of fulfilling his office, or if the office itself becomes vacant.

Residing at the General House in Menzingen, Switzerland, the two Assistants must travel extensively and frequently to the four corners of the world, in such manner that each seminary and district is visited at least once a year. With their familiar presence in the communities they foster the unity among the members, and by the means of personal meetings, retreats and conferences they encourage them to maintain a burning zeal in the service of the Church and the souls.

Once a month the General Council meets for three consecutive days. The Assistants must be consulted in all important matters and they have a deliberative voice in the major decisions regarding the life of the Society (new foundations, nominations of superiors, building projects, etc.).

The First Assistant

Mgr Alphonso de Galarreta

The Second Assistant

Fr. Christian Bouchacourt

Secretary General

"The Secretary General takes sees to the preparation and the reports of the meetings of the General Council. He conforms the concerned parties of the decisions taken (...).

"He is responsible for keeping the records and the individual files of the members. (…) He makes sure that the ordination records are kept up to date.” (Statutes)

Fr. Foucauld le Roux was ordained in 2015. After 3 years of ministry in France and 2 years as a professor at the seminary of Ecône. He was appointed in 2020 to the General House as Secretary General. He is assisted in its work by a priest secretary.

Bursar General 

The General Bursar oversees the legal state of affairs and the good management of the property of the Society of St. Pius X worldwide.

Fr. Emeric Baudot was ordained in 1988; he was appointed in different places, and already General Bursar of the Society in 2002 until 2014; and after 5 years in France he has been reappointed General Bursar.

Other assistants

The General House also houses the Superior General's private secretary and director of communications.

A large community of oblate sisters of the Society ensures the atmosphere of religious life, conducts the housekeeping, and assists with secretarial work.