The Family of the Society of Saint Pius X

The Priestly Society of Saint Pius X is a fraternity of priests whose spirituality is centered on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the priesthood, The SSPX associates to itself all those souls of good will who wish to lead a serious and authentic religious life, or who simply want to participate in the graces of the Society.

The family of the Society of Saint Pius X

Although the Society is essentially made up of priests, its Founder also wanted it to welcome religious members, the auxiliary Brothers, who are placed directly under the authority of the Superior General: they observe the same statutes as the priests, to which some particular rules are added.

Archbishop Lefebvre, with the help of his sister, Mother Marie-Gabriel, missionary of the Holy Ghost, also founded the Congregation of the Sisters of the Society of Saint Pius X. According to the desire of their Founder, these religious are placed under the authority of their Mother General, but they work in close union with the Priestly Society, whose spirit and ideal they fully share.

The Society also welcomes Oblate Sisters. These are either nuns who wish to protect their religious life and have had to leave a congregation unfaithful to its constitutions; or simply persons wishing to leave secular life in order to live in the spirit of the Society. Like the Brothers, they depend directly on the authority of the Superior General, but they have their own statutes.

Finally, for those who wish to live in the spiritual atmosphere of the Society while remaining in the world, a “Third Order” has been founded. The Third Order helps these persons to lead a Christian life for their personal sanctification and for the spiritual edification of those around them.  

Other religious congregations

Other male and female religious congregations, faithful to Tradition, also find moral and spiritual support from the Society. The priests of the Society provide chaplains to many of these orders.