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    An old Roman proverb said: “Variatio delectat”! Change is delightful! The cooperation of the district of the United States and Canada is a great step forward in team work. For several months now both districts have been working hard together on various projects and we are very proud to present the first fruits of our joint endeavor - The new Angelus magazine! It is our fervent hope that the Angelus will open the way to a more universal, a more catholic way of spreading the faith. The completely updated Angelus will be distributed also in Canada and the Canadian district is heavily committed to participating in this work. Convictions magazine will continue as the newsletter of the Society in Canada. It will inform the faithful of all news and developments in our District. A renowned European advertising firm developed a particularly appropriate and distinctive corporate image for the Society. This new style is designed not only for the Angelus but for all kinds of publications including correspondence and revamped websites. I’m very happy to be closely involved in this work and honored to be able to write these lines. The inspiration behind the new look Angelus was to attract our ever increasing younger faithful.

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