September 2013: Fatherhood

St. Thomas tells us that we call God “Father” for three reasons. First, because He created us in a unique way, distinct from the rest of creation. Second, He governs us while respecting our free will, which He does not do for other creatures. Third, because He has adopted us and, in the words of St. Paul “if sons, heirs also.” As we are called to imitate our Divine Father, we here provide some reflections to those who participate in the Divine Fatherhood on earth. The Angelus is meant in a special way to help families. We will feature soon an issue specifically for mothers also.



Although The Angelus is aimed at traditional Catholics in general, we want to help parents in particular. So much depends on the formation of the next generation; it’s why we all labor so much and sacrifice for the success of our schools, camps, and apostolates. And it’s almost never been harder to raise children! We have thus decided to dedicate two issues to parents: one to fathers, and another (January –February 2014) to mothers.

We begin with the issue meant especially for fathers. We must first consider the paternity of God, in which all fathers, spiritual or physical, participate to some degree. Therein we find not only our model and ideal, but many other considerations which the articles will make clear.

As an example, what does authority mean today? Is it something arbitrary, or is it rooted in the responsibility of the superior to lead those under his charge to the good? When so many ecclesiastical and civil authorities misuse their authority, it makes it all the more difficult for parents to make use of and explain the principles to their children. Why listen to dad if the bishops are wrong? We need to be able to answer such questions and draw the necessary distinctions.

There will also be some practical considerations from traditional Catholic men in the world today. Indeed, there are still vocations which God calls, and more often than not, these vocations are called from homes where we might learn something about the practice of virtue, moderation, and balance. I encourage you fathers especially to help one another in your parishes and communities: it is much easier and much more normal to work together than to do it on your own. And, of course, if you find this issue helpful, please share it with others who may find it so!

Sincerely yours in the Sacred Heart,

Fr. Arnaud Rostand


Fatherhood & Authority

It is no mystery for any Catholic that all authority comes from God. Being the Creator of all things, He is the Master of all creatures and has absolute rights over all of them. In His Divine wisdom, He also wished to share that authority with His creation, delegating His own power to some, but not all, of His creatures...

By Fr. Arnaud Rostand

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On the Education of Young Men

The following words and thoughts are meant to provide men, especially fathers, the opportunity to “get far enough away” to re-examine some basic principles and ideas concerning their elevated roles and responsibilities.

By Fr. Michael McMahan

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