Our Lady Co-Redemptrix Seminary

Called for by the Council of Trent, seminaries are the places of formation par excellence in which the Church leads toward the altar those men who have priestly vocations. The Society of St. Pius X has six international seminaries in various parts of the world. In them the SSPX accomplishes its chief aim, which is to give to the Church clergymen who are formed to have a love of the traditional liturgy and Catholic doctrine and will faithfully dispense the mysteries and blessings of Jesus Christ. 

Our Lady Co-Redemptrix Seminary is located near Buenos Aires in Argentina. It accommodates Spanish-speaking seminarians and houses a novitiate for brothers. 


Seminario Nuestra Señora Corredentora

c.c. 308, La Reja
1744 Moreno

Tél.: +54 / 237.405.79.87
Fax : +54 /
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