The General House

Erected first in 1979 at Rickenbach (Swiss canton of Solothurn), the General House has settled in Menzingen (Swiss canton of Zug) since 1993.

It is the residence of the Superior General, his two Assistants, the Secretary General and Bursar. It groups together the secretariat and the treasury so as to unite and facilitate exchanges and the management of the goods belonging to the Society.

Secretary General

The Secretary General takes sees to the preparation and the reports of the meetings of the General Council. He conforms the concerned parties of the decisions taken (...)

He is responsible for keeping the records and the individual files of the members. (…) He makes sure that the ordination records are kept up to date.” (Statutes)

Fr. Christian Thouvenot was ordained in 2000; he was appointed to the Institute of St. Pius X in Paris where he became rector in 2002. He was appointed in 2008 to the General House as Secretary General. He is assisted in its work by a priest secretary.

General Bursar

The General Bursar oversees the legal state of affairs and the good management of the property of the Society of St. Pius X worldwide.

Fr. Pablo Enrique Suarez was ordained in 2001; he was appointed Bursar of the District of South America and then in 2014, General Bursar of the Society.

The General House also houses the private secretary of the Superior General and the head of communications.

A large community of Society oblate sisters ensures the atmosphere of religious life, conducts the housekeeping, and assists with secretarial work.