"The Society is essentially apostolic, because such is the Sacrifice of the Mass and because, as a rule, the members will have to exercise an exterior ministry." (Statutes of the SSPX)

                 Faith without works is dead
                            (James 2:26)


I call righteous someone who judges rightly and whose deeds do not contradict his judgment.... Faith and works must go together. But if you separate faith from good works, you kill faith. For without good works it is dead. Faith that does not work through love is but a dead corpse.

When Cain stretched out his hands to God, he lacked righteousness, because jealousy and hatred of his brother dragged his heart down. He was divided against himself, stretching out his hand to sacrifice but delivering his heart to envy. Disagreeing with himself, he could not attract divine favor. He had not yet killed his brother, but faith was already dead within him. For there is no righteousness in a man whose faith is dead and whose heart is empty of devotion and filled with bitterness.

If you seek glory, if you are envious, if you speak ill of those who are not present, if you render evil for evil, those are things that Christ did not do. But if you believe in Christ, then do the works of Christ, and your faith will live.” (St. Bernard)

The apostolate fo the members of the Society is inspired by charity and totally directed towards the good of the souls. This charity originates from prayer and from the Sacrifice of Our Lord on the Cross, daily offered during Mass.

Overview of Apostolates

  • Eucharistic Crusade

    By allowing young children to approach the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist at the age of reason, St. Pius X powerfully encouraged children to strive to holiness. Thus he originated a great movement of popular piety among youth which was created in 1914 by a Belgian priest, Fr. Edouard Poppe (1890-1924). The Eucharistic Crusade was launched again by the seminarians in Econe in the 1980’s.

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  • Missions

    A work of the Church, the Priestly Society of St. Pius X labors to spread the Gospel around the world, preaching the truths of the Faith and administering the sacraments of salvation to all men of good will, of all conditions, races and cultures.

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  • Retreat Centers

    A true synthesis of the Christian life, the method of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius provides the support and help par excellence needed to live as a true disciple of Christ, and offers a salutary conversion of life and mores.

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  • Schools and Education

    The Church as mother and teacher of truth, urges parents to remember their duty to give children a good education, especially religious and moral, because all the work of education is intimately and necessarily related to the ultimate end of life human, eternal happiness.

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  • Third Order

    For the purpose of giving all Catholics a share in the spirit of the Society of St. Pius X, the Third Order of the Society was founded in 1981. It helps in personal sanctification by associating its members with the life of the Society, under the patronage of Pope St. Pius X.

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