Our seminaries

The purpose of the Society of St. Pius X is “the priesthood and all that pertains to it, and nothing but what concerns it” (Statutes). This includes all the works necessary for the formation of candidates to the priesthood, which takes place in our international seminaries.

During six years of intense liturgical life, philosophical, theological, and pastoral studies, community life, and spiritual direction, the future priests advance towards the altar and prepare themselves for a lifetime apostolate at the service of the Church and the souls.

Seminary overview

St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary

Rector: Father Yves le Roux

Dillwyn, Virginia U.S.A. 

It welcomes seminarians for studies in the English language and has a Brothers novitiate.

Holy Cross Seminary

Rector: Father Daniel Themann

Goulburn, Australia

It accommodates English-speaking seminarians from Asia, Oceania and Africa, houses a novitiate of brothers.

O. L. Co-Redemptrix Seminary

Rector: Father Jean de Lassus

La Reja (Buenos Aires), Argentina

It accommodates Spanish-speaking seminarians and houses a novitiate for brothers.

Saint Pius X Seminary

Rector: Father Bernard de Lacoste-Lareymondie

Ecône (Valais), Switzerland

It accommodates French-speaking seminarians for their studies of philosophy and theology.

Holy Cure of Ars Seminary

Rector: Abbé Patrick Troadec

Flavigny sur Ozerain, France

It accommodates seminarians during their first year of spirituality and houses a novitiate of brothers.

Sacred Heart Seminary

Rector: Father Franz Schmidberger

Zaitzkofen (Bavaria), Germany

It accommodates German-speaking seminarians and houses a novitiate for brothers.